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Shine the Spotlight on the Best in Country Music

BOYUP BROOK, WESTERN AUSTRALIA - The West Australian Country Music Awards are calling on all music enthusiasts to nominate their favourite artists for an award. Whether it’s a captivating group, a charasmatic male or female artist, a brilliant songwriter, a rising star, or a sensational junior vocalist, all categories are now open for nominations.

We’re also on the lookout for the Alt-Country single, the most captivating Traditional/Heritage Country single, and outstanding Contemporary Country single. So, if you know any country artists who deserve recognition in these categories, make sure to put their names forward!

Nominations close on Friday August 11, 2023. Once the nominations are in, a thrilling judging process will take place, revealing the top three finalists in each category. The big awards presentation will take place at the Boyup Brook Country Music Festival next year.

This prestigious event will be held from February 16-18, 2024. The festival will treat you to exciting live performances, a vibrant street carnival, a fantastic Ute and Truck Muster, a Bush Balladeer’s show, and even a delightful Bush Poets’ Breakfast!

Click here to fill in your nomination or to download it.

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