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Ute Categories & Criteria - Please select ONE only

  • Street use only, clean and tidy appearance.

  • Presentation of exterior, (panel and paint, rims, tray).

  • Presentation of cab interior and engine bay.

  • Detail of modifications if any. (exhaust system, suspension, engine detailing/mods, tray design/mods, rims/tyres).

  • Immaculate and well maintained.

  • Female owner/driver.

  • Vehicle can be either street or off road.

  • Attention to detail in modifications (suspension, bull bar, lights, mudflaps, exhaust system, engine mods, rims/tyres. engine bay and cab interior).

  • Female flair.

  • Rough & rugged appearance.

  • Lots of mods (rims/tyres, suspension, exhaust system, stickers, bull bar, lights, aerials, mud flaps).

  • It ain’t pretty but it will go anywhere!

  • No expense spared 4WD.

  • Mint condition inside and out, (clean and tidy interior, perfect panel and paint).

  • Mods may include (rims/tyres, suspension, bull bar, lights, aerials, tray mods, exhaust, additional toolboxes, canopy).

  • Evidence this car spends more time on the bitumen then in the paddock.

  • Well looked after and kept clean.

  • Not quite a 4x4 feral ute or 4x4 street ute, this vehicle is a practical workhorse.

  • Loads of mods such as; suspension, winch, aerials/2way, bull bar, exhaust, rims/tyres, canopy).

  • Anything from a farmer/tradie’s work ute to a serious off roaders vehicle.

  • This ute should boast camping and 4wdriving.

  • All the extras and mods you can think of

  • Particular attention to tray/canopy design and layout. (awnings, fridge, draws and storage, solar, power outlets, compressors, lights).

  • This vehicle should be ready for any camping/touring occasion.

  • Presentation, attention to detail.

  • This vehicle can be new or old, original or modified, points will be awarded for most well-presented on the day.

  • Most well-presented pre 1985 Ute.

  • Points will be awarded to originality or restored to original condition.

  • Attention to detail and clean/tidy overall condition inside and out.

Vehicle details:

Contact details:

Thanks for your entry!

UTE DRIVER $90 - Including Camping & Saturday Festival Pass

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