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TRUCK DRIVER $90 - Including Camping & Saturday Festival Pass

Truck Categories & Criteria - Please select ONE only

  • Must be owned or registered by a Boyup Brook local.

  • Overall condition of exterior (panel and paint).

  • Overall condition of cab/sleeper cab.

  • Truck must be used in working conditions on a regular basis.

  • Attention to detail of interior (cab/sleeper cab).

  • Attention to detail of exterior (panel and paint).

  • Additional extras such as lights, company logos, paint work).

  • Presentation is everything!

  • Most well presented inside and out.

  • Any model truck in a restored state.

  • Points to be awarded for attention to detail and originality throughout the restoration process.

  • Best original or restored truck pre 1980.

  • Looking closely at originality either untouched or restored.

Truck details:

Contact details:

Thanks for your entry!

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