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Lightnin Jack was literally born for the music, brought up on small holdings in a Jarrah Milling Town of Southwest Western Australia, raised on a diet of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Creedence, Lead Belly and local bluesmen, an upbringing that’s reflected in his evocative, soulful music and adds a discernible touch of authenticity to everything he does.

Busking and bootlegging CDs were just the beginning, with Jack's career spanning the last 3 decades and bringing the release of three studio albums, and this year's rollicking Live recording featuring Callum Kramer (The Southern River Band) on drums. A live sound that brings energy and tone far beyond the one man that sits on stage has seen him work in the studio, in support of, or alongside a list of artists that would make your head spin – The Angels, Phil Emmanuel, Roshani, Blue Shaddy, Tony Joe White, Ash Grunwald, and The Southern River Band to name a few.

Jack is not one to sit still, notching up an incredible average of over 120 live performances every year, with audiences witnessing the breadth of his repertoire, ranging from intimate acoustic shows featuring lap steel, resonator and crooning lyrics, to the high-energy sets at festivals like Nannup Music Festival, Blues on Broadbeach & Bridgetown Blues, where his valve amp tones, heavy electric grind and percussive performance capture the Blues Roots Grunge style that is very much his own.

Whether you have been following Lightnin Jack for the duration or are a newcomer to his incredible music, it doesn’t matter – come along and witness the full force of this 3rd generation musician as he continues his journey around Australia.

Image by Keith Misner

Lightnin' Jack - Ute & Truck Muster

Lightnin' Jack - Ute & Truck Muster

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