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Winner of the 2020 WA Country Music Awards for Emerging Artist & Song of The Year, Helen Townsend may have been late in picking up the tools of her trade but in a short time, she has shown herself to be a master craftsman in a field too often crowded with cowboy-booted jacks and jills of all trades. Her sweet voice and tender picking rub against songs that are filled with characters living with the costly results of impulsive choices and memories that just won't let go. Her music takes you on a journey through beautiful valleys, coastal plains and soaring over mountains with a few deep, dark tunnels to keep you grounded.

Helen has carved out a reputation for edgy Americana music – one that has pushed the genre’s boundaries from roots-rock through blues and country to folk – with her upcoming album, Helen has broadened her style and flair even more so with catchy new melodies, tight harmonies and personal stories and lyrics that hook into your heart and tear up your soul.

Image by Keith Misner

Helen Townsend & The Wayward Hearts

Helen Townsend & The Wayward Hearts

“BBCMF... We have missed you! What a way to kick off 2023, with a full "Wayward Hearts" band & sharing the weekend with so many amazing artists, at our favourite WA Country Music Festival! Thanks for having us back! :-) ”

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