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In the heart of Australia's vibrant country music scene, Campfire Country stands as a beacon of traditional melodies and spirited dance. This dynamic duo, David and Therese Higginson, has dedicated their musical journey to preserving and sharing the joy of old-time country music.

Their musical odyssey began in Mount Isa, Queensland, where they were captivated by the soulful rhythms and heartfelt storytelling of country music. Drawn to the camaraderie and community fostered by this genre, they immersed themselves in its rich tapestry, honing their skills and developing a deep appreciation for its enduring legacy.

In 1999, they moved to Melbourne, seeking new opportunities to expand their musical horizons. Amidst the city's vibrant music scene, they continued to nurture their passion for country music, taking guitar lessons and refining their vocal harmonies. Their dedication paid off, as their talents blossomed, their melodies resonating with audiences wherever they performed.

In 2000, they returned to their beloved Mount Isa, eager to share their music with their hometown community. They became fixtures at local clubs, fundraisers, and events, their infectious energy and captivating melodies quickly gaining a loyal following.

In 2005, they embarked on a transformative journey, embracing a nomadic lifestyle that allowed them to spread their musical magic across the vast expanse of Australia. Their caravan became their mobile stage, carrying them to far-flung towns and communities, where they shared their music with open-hearted listeners.

A pivotal moment in their journey occurred in 2008 at an Old Time Dance in Yornup. The infectious energy and spirit of the community they encountered ignited a passion for this traditional dance form, inspiring them to become its ardent ambassadors.

Their deep-rooted love for country music led them to create "Downunder Country" in Bridgetown in 2011, a festival that celebrates the genre's rich heritage and brings together enthusiasts of country music and bush poetry.

In 2023, they expanded their musical endeavours, launching the Mountain Country Music Muster at the Mt Trio Bush Camp and Caravan Park in the Stirling Ranges. This event showcases the diversity and vibrancy of country music, attracting performers and audiences from across the region.

David and Therese Higginson, the heart and soul of Campfire Country, embody the timeless spirit of old-time country music. Their dedication to preserving this cherished tradition has enriched the lives of countless individuals, fostering a sense of community and connection through the power of music and dance.

So, mark your calendars, gather your friends, and prepare to be swept away by the enchanting melodies and heartfelt harmonies of Campfire Country. Let their music guide your steps, their stories touch your soul, and their passion for old-time country music ignite a spark within your heart.

Image by Keith Misner

Campfire Country

Campfire Country

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