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Brandon Poletti & The Eagleton Brothers are a country rock band based in Perth, Western Australia. They specialise in playing country music and have gained recognition for their outstanding live performances. They recently won the Best Group award at the WA Country Music Awards for 2022, showcasing their talent and dedication to the genre. The band's music is likely to be characterised by the distinctive sound of traditional country music, which often features storytelling lyrics, heartfelt vocals, and an emphasis on instrumental playing, particularly the guitar and organ. They promise an exciting live performance filled with onstage banter, audience interaction and boot scooting.

Image by Keith Misner

Brandon Poletti and The Eagleton Brothers

Brandon Poletti and The Eagleton Brothers

“The Eagleton Brothers and I are extremely excited about playing a killer show for the fine folks at Boyup Brook. We hope to see you there!”

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